Book Binding

It’s been a while since I last bookbind something and thought I’ll learn some new binding methods: coptic stitch binding and whirlwind binding. (Somehow I’ve made a whole box of them haha)
I feel it’s also time for me to use velted paper and leftover off cuts to customise the book covered…

IMG_8403 IMG_8407IMG_8408 IMG_8410
Coptic stitch binding is really good for making sketchbook because you can open the book flat like a spread and looks very professional-like.

IMG_8411 IMG_8413IMG_8414 IMG_8412
Whirlwind binding was introduced in Ancient China. This method is good for pages in different length (preferably in descending length) and can be stored like a scroll. It can be binded in anyway on one side as long as it’s thin enough for it to be rolled up easily.
I’ve used velted paper for the cover and wind around with a long string. I’ve realised that the string sticks onto the velvet and it stays, so it doesn’t need to be tied down- very convenient.


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