Hello there!

I mentioned from last post that I’ll post the aboriginal paintings once it’s done….well at the moment I’m contemplating whether to fill the background blue with dots of colours or not… so hopefully I’ll get an idea on how it should go soon and get it done.
(As for what they are, I’ve decided that they are cross between kangaroo and mouse – strangely cute aren’t they?)

Rather than painting with a brush, the next one I did is by hand (how long has it been since I last painted with my hands… probably too young to remember). It’s surprisingly refreshing to revert back to how you first painted a picture, although a lot more controlled and refined.

Alongside these paintings I’ve been doing some character designs for a potential story that’s been in my mind since I had a dream, if it goes well hopefully I’ll be able to share with you all… one day 🙂

Til then, stay safe and keep warm/cool wherever you are!


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