Geometric Animals

As a keen recyclist and upcyclist, I always try to challenge myself to find ways to make work without having to resort to buying new resources when old materials can be used, so I started with scrap paper – picked up the orange sleeve cover that you get on moleskin sketchbook from my recycling bag.
The orange sleeve is cut up in random shapes and sizes, and recomposed into animal forms. Since I can use both side of the pieces I try to play with colour co-ordination and try to use as much of the pieces as possible without throwing any away; all the little trimmed bits were used on the bird tail.

Image Bird




ImagePolar Bear


It was really fun rearranging and trying out different pieces to see what animal I can build; some I can almost figure out with the shape by deciding what animal I’m thinking of going to make. It’s quite nice to see what you can produce with these limitations and at the same time exercise your mind in thinking graphically (in terms of shape composition and use of colour).

Worth trying out if you have lots of scrap paper at home – particularly if you have coloured/textured/line/spotted paper and with text… who knows what crazy things you can build! 😀


Berlin Sketches


Recently came back from a short holiday trip to Berlin with some friends, a nice break from crazy London, and just wanted to show bits and bobs of museum sketches.Image
Being in a holiday we try to make the most out of the trip and see as many attractions as possible, such as going to the Museum Island which is known for housing 5 significant historical museums (Neues Museum, Altes Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Pergamonmuseum and Bode Museum) all part of the UNESCO World Heritage, walking along the Berlin Wall, visiting the Topographie des Terrors (Topography of Terror), and going to the Kupferstichkabinett (Museums of Prints and Drawing) and Gemaldegalerie in the Kulturforum. And eating currywurst… ketchup and curry are the best combo ever!

Also enjoyed seeing some similarities and differences between Berlin and London. E.g. Train stations: Alexanderplatz = Alexandra Palace/ Spittelmarkt = Spitelfields Market, more spaces to move around (the pedestrians are so wide that cyclists can cycle on it without bumping into people!) and actually seeing rabbits and foxes in broad daylight (in the park, not on the street).

Berlin is quite an inspiring place to be in and just relax in general, not very difficult to go around places as long as you buy the Berlin welcome pack and Museum Card (discounts on travel, food, and museums- some are free!), I definitely recommend anyone to go 🙂

Ever since coming back I’ve been having sparks of inspirations, let’s see if I can work off these on to paper!


Here’s the finished piece! Finally! Yayyyy

After a break from this, I’ve finally decided to go with pastel colours (green, blue, purple and orange – although it is quite hard to see) to contrast well with the dark background.

I find it really cute how the kanga-mouse seems to be swimming, or travelling through aboringinal space, or something haha. Definitely more than happy with what it has become! It’s so colourful and happy!

At the moment I’m not sure whether to continue with the other aboriginal paintings but if I do in the future, it’d probably in a series rather than individually.

I hope this inspired some of you to do some crazy colourful paintings! 🙂


(P.s. look at the little one!)


Mundane made awesome!

Hey everyone!

Recently I had an exhibition with 3rd year students from the illustration course.
My first idea was to produce landscape ink collage drawing (very similar to the one I’ve done of America 1898 from previous post) of 3 countries that I’d like to go to- I chose Austria, Brazil and Japan. So I started with Austria, with famous buildings such as the State opera in Vienna and the Kunsthistorisches Museum, and smaller places like Lake Neusiedl.
I really like the outcome, a definite improvement from the ink drawing series…. unfortunately I didn’t feel it fits right with the exhibition even though there’s no theme.
In the end I’ve decided to make small 3D pieces using picture frames. I wanted to create something fun with the frames and imagine the mundane but peaceful crazy lives that you can see from looking at the “window”. This was done with pencil drawing on paper cut outs.

I wanted something different from the last two frames so made it quite comical in a out of frame experience kinda way (you see what I did there ..haha).

Since I was doing an internship alongside this, it’s been crazy just trying to complete the exhibition pieces as well as getting enough sleep for work the next day. It’s almost like experiencing what a freelance illustrator/designer would do- having so many things at once, though mine is probably nothing compare to professionals out there.

Nevertheless it’s been fun and really enjoyed just being busy and contributing to something 🙂


Hello there!

I mentioned from last post that I’ll post the aboriginal paintings once it’s done….well at the moment I’m contemplating whether to fill the background blue with dots of colours or not… so hopefully I’ll get an idea on how it should go soon and get it done.
(As for what they are, I’ve decided that they are cross between kangaroo and mouse – strangely cute aren’t they?)

Rather than painting with a brush, the next one I did is by hand (how long has it been since I last painted with my hands… probably too young to remember). It’s surprisingly refreshing to revert back to how you first painted a picture, although a lot more controlled and refined.

Alongside these paintings I’ve been doing some character designs for a potential story that’s been in my mind since I had a dream, if it goes well hopefully I’ll be able to share with you all… one day 🙂

Til then, stay safe and keep warm/cool wherever you are!

Aboriginal Paintings

Hello there!

I remember going to the Pitts River Museum in Oxford and saw this really lovely aboriginal painting on display and it inspired me to do something (as well as I find the animals in the painting really funny looking).
So I’ve been painting recently and made some attempts first on sketchbook to see how it looks and moved to painting on small MDF pieces. I’m still painting as I go along which I will post again when it’s done.
scan0008aboriginal2 aboriginal
(I have no idea what this bird-like creature is, but I remember thinking of Dodo and rooster when I was painting it)

Highly recommend anyone to try this out, especially if you’re not good at drawing animals like me… it works out well in the end haha.
Not too sure if I’ll continue with it longer but if so, I’ve been thinking of making a series of it or somehow incorporate small pieces which fits into a large piece sorta thing……. we’ll see.


America 1898

Hello there!

Lately I’ve been doing quite alot of personal projects and I’ve managed to finish one of them (yayyy)
It’s an A2 collage ink drawing of America in 1898; image references are from postcards bought from a second hand shop in London.
First three photos are of the outlining stage of the drawing, using diluted black drawing ink and brush pen.
I do apologise for the bad photos… I don’t have steady photography hands…. I’ve edit them as naturally as I can… I will re-upload them in better quality sometime in the future!

DSC_0108  DSC_0110 DSC_0112

and here’s the finished piece!

I’m pretty happy with it since it’s my first large scale ink drawing (the real piece looks a bit 3D). The crowds of men in tuxedos/ suits turns out darker than I thought, which contrast too much against the rest of the image… but at least with this I know how it’d look like and carry this over if I do another ink drawing 🙂

Window Display for Cybercandy Covent Garden London

IMG_8066 copy

IMG_8067 copy


Couple of months ago, I formed a group with two friends and looked around for shops that would like us to design window display for them- fortunately Cybercandy replied quite swiftly, and we’re more than happy to work with them (not because of the candy or anything ahem… ).
The brief was to promote new range of vintage soda pop and emphasis the theme of summer in general, keeping it fun and quirky.
And so the outcome is like this!
Everything was laser cut (background hand sawn) and hand painted individually. All the pieces were installed overnight (was pretty fun staying at a candy store overnight…. can’t eat any of the sweets though sigh).

Flower Illustrations

I’ve always had trouble drawing nice looking flowers and getting it right anatomically (not sure if it’s the right word but it’ll do for now) so I’ve borrowed books on different type of flowers, and just draw.
Some I’ve tried to reproduce graphically and it works quite nicely….. this sparks some ideas for card designs and potential editorial work.
Feeling productive woot woot!
scan00012 scan00033 scan00032 scan00023 scan00022