Window Display for Cybercandy Covent Garden London

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IMG_8067 copy


Couple of months ago, I formed a group with two friends and looked around for shops that would like us to design window display for them- fortunately Cybercandy replied quite swiftly, and we’re more than happy to work with them (not because of the candy or anything ahem… ).
The brief was to promote new range of vintage soda pop and emphasis the theme of summer in general, keeping it fun and quirky.
And so the outcome is like this!
Everything was laser cut (background hand sawn) and hand painted individually. All the pieces were installed overnight (was pretty fun staying at a candy store overnight…. can’t eat any of the sweets though sigh).


Possibilities Are Endless

Suspended letter leaves. The letters are punctured by needle.

This was a typography project where we use “medium as the message”. I wanted to show the leaves being carried away by the wind and land in a variety of possible places, as well as having it decaying naturally – I have chosen the garden door as one of the possibilities.


Illustration of my childhood memories in a collage form, which is held in suspension. All cut-outs are drawn with black pen on heritage paper.
(I apologise for the bad photography)

I’ve always like to reminisce my childhood days and remember small colourful things that brought simple joy into my little life, and share these playful experinces with people you know and founding out how people were like before growing up… it certainly makes me feel warm and fuzzy! 😀