Mundane made awesome!

Hey everyone!

Recently I had an exhibition with 3rd year students from the illustration course.
My first idea was to produce landscape ink collage drawing (very similar to the one I’ve done of America 1898 from previous post) of 3 countries that I’d like to go to- I chose Austria, Brazil and Japan. So I started with Austria, with famous buildings such as the State opera in Vienna and the┬áKunsthistorisches Museum, and smaller places like Lake Neusiedl.
I really like the outcome, a definite improvement from the ink drawing series…. unfortunately I didn’t feel it fits right with the exhibition even though there’s no theme.
In the end I’ve decided to make small 3D pieces using picture frames. I wanted to create something fun with the frames and imagine the mundane but peaceful crazy lives that you can see from looking at the “window”. This was done with pencil drawing on paper cut outs.

I wanted something different from the last two frames so made it quite comical in a out of frame experience kinda way (you see what I did there ..haha).

Since I was doing an internship alongside this, it’s been crazy just trying to complete the exhibition pieces as well as getting enough sleep for work the next day. It’s almost like experiencing what a freelance illustrator/designer would do- having so many things at once, though mine is probably nothing compare to professionals out there.

Nevertheless it’s been fun and really enjoyed just being busy and contributing to something ­čÖé