America 1898

Hello there!

Lately I’ve been doing quite alot of personal projects and I’ve managed to finish one of them (yayyy)
It’s an A2 collage ink drawing of America in 1898; image references are from postcards bought from a second hand shop in London.
First three photos are of the outlining stage of the drawing, using diluted black drawing ink and brush pen.
I do apologise for the bad photos… I don’t have steady photography hands…. I’ve edit them as naturally as I can… I will re-upload them in better quality sometime in the future!

DSC_0108  DSC_0110 DSC_0112

and here’s the finished piece!

I’m pretty happy with it since it’s my first large scale ink drawing (the real piece looks a bit 3D). The crowds of men in tuxedos/ suits turns out darker than I thought, which contrast too much against the rest of the image… but at least with this I know how it’d look like and carry this over if I do another ink drawing 🙂